Ok, so I thought Ghost was everything I ever wanted on top of Node.js but I was wrong. It misses the most important thing for every Internet troll ever – the comments section (not that this blog is ever going to get its own Internet troll. Why? Well due to its smashing popularity.

So, I decided to search around to see how I can add comments. Just like WordPress and others (most of which have a dedicated comments module built into them), you have two most popular methods to accomplish this task:

  • Facebook
  • Disqus

(I know there also is NodeBB and Livefyre but I haven’t seen those in practice much)

I decided to go with Disqus for some reason. It’s straight forward. You go to their website and find an option that says add Disqus to your website. Once you give them the details, they give you a code snippet.

Stating the obvious here: The method to accomplish this is simple. Just copy the code the Disqus guys give you to the place where you want to display the comments, which in this case would be at the end of the post on a post page. If you want comment count to display for each post on the home page, then you have to put the required code in the loop (YES! They have one too, just like WordPress, I mean why wouldn’t they? That’s how Blog engines work. In fact that’s how most stuff works!)

So yeah, and voila! You have comments.

I’m having fun with this so far. Let’s see how it goes..